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The Scope

Sachy's Closet houses a fine collection of women's clothing, handbags, shoes & accessories.

Some of my pieces have never been worn or used, while others are slightly worn.

My mission is to offer beautiful & unique fashion pieces at reduced prices. I'm offering these designer pieces a second chance to shine!

I sell excellent garments & accessories to those who will cherish and enjoy them once again.


Need to Know

All garments, shoes & accessories are categorized into collections using the 'Condition Scale'. Each category will help describe the piece's condition & guide you through the shop. We have classified all pieces by how much they have been worn. New, Thrifty & Classic collections.

Many pieces have enjoyed a few renvedouz, some have only made it from the store to the closet and others are timeless pieces in great condition that still have a lifetime ahead of outings.

Rest assured, all the collections have received the utmost care and undergoe thorough quality control. All pieces sold are intact and guarantee wearable condition, yet some imperfections may exist in Thrifty & Classic pieces.

Exchanges are available for certain pieces. Please refer to the pieces' description page for exact terms & conditions. Garments, shoes or accessories must be returned within 15 days baring all original tags, labels and / or garment bags.

More Facts

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